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Jerry Rich Brings Major Golf Tournament to Chicago Area

" 2016 International Crown, the largest event in women s golf, will be held in the Chicago area for the first time at the Rich Harvest Farms golf club. Jerry Rich, the owner of the golf club, organized a kick-off gathering during the biennial event of this year, which took place July 22 to 27, and invited international communities in the greater Chicago area to encourage them to participate in the 2016 event.

" Mr. Jerry Rich answered Shimpo s interview questions and shared his enthusiasm for golf, childhood memories, and devotion to youth programs.

" Rich grew up in the Northwest suburban area and attended Northern Illinois University, where he met his wife Betty, and graduated in 1957.
" Rich said that the couple always wanted to own a small farm. After 25 to 30 years of marriage, they decided to buy a farm in Sugar Grove, which was located between the university and Oak Brook, where they had lived for 20 years. The farm they bought was 1,820 acres, according to the Rich Harvest Farms website.
" Rich continued,  & and buying the property, I have an opportunity to design my first golf course, which we always had an interest in. He designed the first three holes and added three more for a total of six. Then he added three more to bring it to nine, and later added the 10th and 11th holes. The construction started in 1987, and the process took him eight years. He finally decided to finish the golf course by adding seven holes and completed the 18.
" He said,  I built it over 10 years. I never thought that I built an entire golf course.
" After the completion, Rich Harvest Farms was ranked among the top 100 of great golf courses in the U.S. by Golf Digest in 2000. Rich said,  I feel it s an honor. It s very good and these are nationally rated golf courses.
" Rich Harvest Farm hosted the Solheim Cup in 2009, where 120,000 patriotic spectators witnessed the U.S. team defeat Europe in the 11th staging of the matches.

" Jerry Rich not only has devoted himself to golf tournaments, but also contributed to youth educational programs.
"  My dad had a golf club in a garage, and I started swinging it, Rich recalled. He became interested in golf when he was about 10 years old. He rode a bike and often went to a golf club.

Jerry rich, the owner of Rich Harvest Farms golf club

" One day, an individual asked Rich if he wanted to be a caddie. After a five-minute instruction, he put a golf bag on a cart and accompanied a woman. He remembered that the golf bag was taller than he was. The woman played nine holes and gave him a dollar with 10-cent-tip.
" He said that the experience changed his life.  The individual could have said  Hey kid, get out of here, but he gave me an opportunity I never had before, and I never forget that, he said.
" He established the Kids Golf Foundation of Illinois in 1998. According to the website, the Foundation had introduced over 150,000 Illinois children to the game of golf by 2009.

" Back in 2002, Rich made a proposal to the LPGA for hosting the 2009 Solheim Cup, which brought the best Europeans against the best Americans. At that time, the commissioner said that competitors throughout the U.S. had an equal chance; however, Rich Harvest was selected because it had devoted itself to bringing children to the game of golf throughout the State of Illinois. Rich Harvest was awarded the contract in 2004 for hosting the 2009 Solheim Cup.

" Right after the major cup ended, Jerry Rich proposed hosting the 2016 International Crown. He said,  The best players in the world are not from Europe and America, which is the Solheim Cup, The best players winning at golf are from Asia. That s why we started the idea with the concept we have today.