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The Field Day of Futabakai Saturday School

• On the cold morning of September 13th, the 39th field day of Chicago Futabakai Japanese Saturday School was held at the Niles North High School. The students braved the chilly weather and were excited about their awaited field day. They were divided into two groups, the Red team and the White team, and competed against each other.

• In his opening speech, Principal Nobuyuki Ozaki said, “I want you to do your best and play for keeps.” He also said, “Winning is not everything in the field day. You should learn the value of carrying through, the importance of collaboration, and the joy of working together. Those traits are also important for individuals who will work in a global society.” He encouraged the students saying, “Let’s hustle to make many wonderful memories for school and American life.”

• On behalf of the guests, Consul Yukihiro Noyori of the Consulate General of Japan at Chicago spoke about two great players.
• Calvin Edwin Ripken set his consecutive games record of 2,632 and said in an interview that he could do it because he enjoyed every game.
• Michael Jordan used to say that everyone made mistakes, and the most fearful thing was to stop challenging because of fear.
• Noyori encouraged the students saying “As these two great players said, the most important things in the sport are enjoying and challenging. Don’t give up and do your best until the last moment.”

• The students participated in various games both in groups and individually. As they competed against each other, their friends and family members cheered. The grand finale of the day was, of course, the relay race. There were three races, and the whole ground was filled with shrieks of excitement.
• Team Red won the competition this year. The award for Excellent Team Support went to White.

• (The full story is available in Chicago Shimpo’s 2014, September 26th issue.)