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Holiday Delight, Kodomo Matsuri
Nice Place to Buy Holiday Gifts

• Holiday Delight Kodomo Matsuri was held on November 8 at the Japanese American Service Committee (JASC).
• The place was filled with accessories, food, decorations, antiques, cards, books, handicrafts, kimono and obi. A big crowd gathered to enjoy the holiday shopping. At the JASC booths, there was tableware, cookware and decorations donated by Issei and Nisei, and things that cannot be bought at a store such as lacquer bowls and colorful plates at reasonable prices.

• Michael Takada, CEO of JASC, said, “So many people from all classes of the community came. 2014 Holiday Delight Kodomo Matsuri was just an exciting affair. I was exciting to hear from the vendors that they really appreciated the energy in the room today.” He also mentioned that the new ikebana display and demonstrations drew a lot of interest from the visitors. Yuko Inoue Darcy succeeded the Ohara School of Ikebana from former teacher Kazuko Ernst.
• He said that all food was sold out an hour before closing, and he felt that the event was a very big success.
• The event was moved from December to November. Regarding the change, Takada said that the weather was better to cook outside, and that before Thanksgiving and Christmas would be easier for people. “I think that moving ahead is fine and it’s just wonderful for the community to get together at any time. Early November is chodo ii (good time).”

The visitors enjoyed shopping at the venders booths.

Hina-doll set was put on the silent auction. Some dolls were missing, but doll furniture was wonderfully preserved.