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Interview with Eir Aoi in 2016 Anime Central

• Q: How did you start with music?

• Aoi: My parents were lovers of music, and I was singing every day when I was two years old.

• Q: When did you begin to think about becoming a singer?

• Aoi: I was three, but it wasn’t so easy. I attended auditions, but I couldn’t pass them. My parents told me, “Why don’t take a look at the reality around you,” so I once thought about becoming a nurse, but I couldn’t give up my dream. On day, I posted my performance on the video site, and that brought me a chance to debut in 2011. I feel that I’ve pursued my dream for so long time.

• Q: What anime characters encouraged you?

• Aoi: It was Sailor Moon.

• Q: How was your first world tour in 2015?

• Aoi: I performed in Seattle three years ago and began talking about my wish to go on a world tour. My dream came true.
• Through many live performances in the tour, I think that I could grow up more as a singer, and the experience made a difference in my Bodokan concert last November. It was very successful. My next goal is to have a live solo show in the U.S.

• Q: Could you tell us the differences about the audiences in different countries?

• Aoi: In Japan, the audience synchronized their movements with my music. In the U.K., they seemed to enjoy the live show in their own ways. The audience in the front rows was excited with waving their hands while the audience in the back rows was relaxed and listening to the music. In France, they were holding uchiwa fans with the words, “Will you marry me?” or “Look at me!” In the U.S., they were very responsive. Even as I was singing, they expressed what they thought immediately.
• I thought that people enjoy music differently, but I realized that there were so many music lovers in the world.

• Q: How do you compose or write lyrics?

• Aoi: During taxi rides or walking in a park, something comes up in my mind, and I record them in my iPhone. Lyrics often come up to me while I’m taking a bath or reading a book.

• Q: How about anime-theme music?

• Aoi: I read an original story or script and look for a character I have rapport with. Then I imagine the world of the character and write about it.

• Q: What is next?

• Aoi: The opening theme of anime “The Heroic Legend of Arslan-Kalafina/blaze”, which title is “Tsubasa (wings)”, will be released in July. I want American audiences to enjoy it.

• Q: Do you have advice to people who want to go music field?

• Aoi: The most important thing is to enjoy the study. If you enjoy it, you will be absorbed in it.

• Thank you very

Eir Aoi