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Sunstar Enhances Global Business with New Facility in Schaumburg

• The Sunstar Group opened its global oral care site in Schaumberg, Illinois and hosted a grand opening ceremony on June 7 at the site.
• The Sunstar Group, headquartered in Etoy, Switzerland, is a global conglomerate, and its businesses include oral care, health and beauty, chemicals, and motorcycle parts. With over 4,000 employees across 16 countries, the company delivers products and services in over 90 countries.

• The newly opened facility is 302,000 square feet and is located on 80 acres of land in Schaumburg near the Roselle ramp of I-90. It accommodates offices, state-of-art manufacturing areas, R&D laboratories, and distribution spaces. In addition to toothbrush and pharmaceutical products, the facility enables the company to expand its product categories such as toothpastes, cosmetics, and other products to meet the growing global demand.

• In his opening remarks, Yoshihiro Kaneda, CEO of the Sunstar Group, briefly talked about the company’s history.
• The foundation of the Sunstar Group was built by his grandfather Kunio Kaneda, who started to produce and sell rubber glue for bicycles in 1932. Kaneda said that his father Hiroo Kaneda took the second generation of leadership, and the Sunstar Group grew as a global company with the great efforts from its employees, advisors, and many other supporters.
• As the company’s sales volume increased, the need for new facilities arose to strengthen their businesses and deliver their products and services to the people all over the world. “So let’s step forward together for Sunstar’s growth and future,” Yoshihiro Kanada said to encourage the members of the company.

• Dan Descary, Senior Executive Officer of the Sunstar SA, who has been conversant with the importance of production capability for business growth in his 38 year career, said, “We were really fortunate that we were able to acquire this 80-acre site in Schaumburg. We are in a very much better position today to succeed in the global business in the future.”
• Descary looked back to years ago when Hiroo Kaneda, then President and current Chairman of the Sunstar Group, brought an idea to find a new home to create greater production capability for the company’s long-term growth. “We built a roughly 40-acre facility on the 80 acres of land. We have capabilities to expand quickly and are ready for the future,” Descary said.

• Masakazu Nakamura, a member of the Board of Sunstar SA, brought Japanese traditional “Seven Gods” charms to inspire the seven board members of Sunstar Americas, Inc. to pay more attention to globalizing Sanstar’s seven global brands. Although the GUM brand has been well introduced in the global market, he said that the other six brands such as Butler and GUIDOR products had to be more globalized. “Change your mindset to move forward to the next stage for the Sunstar Americas, Inc.,” he said.

• Consul General odf Japan Toshiyuki Iwado congratulated Sunstar and said, “Sunstar is a global Japanese company with a local presence. It has succeeded in Illinois. From this beautiful corporate campus, Sunstar can further expand its business while contributing to the state and local economies.
Consul General Iwado also praised the company for being a recipient of the prestigious Economic Development in Illinois (Edie) Award for 2016.

• Mayor Al Larson welcomed Sunstar to the Village of Schaumburg where more than 200 manufacturers including 60 plus Japanese companies have built their facilities.
• Mayor Larson stated, “Not only did Sunstar bring 330 jobs and 250 temporary construction jobs to our community, the company further enhances Schaumburg’s image as a premier destination for manufacturing and international business. Sunstar provides a quality name and brand that will generate additional economic opportunities well into the future.”
• The Mayor also said, “I understand the spirit of Sunstar includes a vision to ‘pioneer a new generation of innovation and champion new partnerships while speaking to a new generation of global consumers.’”

• Sean McCarthy, Acting Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce, thanked Sunstar for choosing to stay and grow in Illinois despite having several other options. He said that the Department of Commerce was happy to be a partner with Sunstar to assist with training of the workforce. “These jobs create new opportunities both in Schaumburg and the Chicago area, right here in Illinois,” McCarthy continued.

• Richard McMahon, President of Oral Care Company, made a toast to the future success of the Sunstar Group for generations to come; to Group Chairman Hiroo Kaneda, Group CEO Yoshihiro Kaneda and the people in the entire holding company for their leadership; to the advisors, consultants, contractors, and Sunstar employees for their dedication; and the state of Illinois, the Village of Schaumburg, and all the guests for their support. More than 200 guests raised square wooden cups of sake and cheered “Kampai.

Sunstar Group CEO Yoshihiro Kaneda (C) poses for a photo at a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Consul General Toshiyuki Iwado (L), IDC Acting Director Sean McCarthy (L2), Schaumburg Mayor Al Larson (R), and Oral Care Company President Richard McMahon (R2)

Hiroo Kaneda, Chairman of the Sunstar Group, greets to the guests.

The guests and the company members at the opening ceremony