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Fujima Ryu Dance Shubukai Celebrates 41st Anniversary with Recital

Commemorating its 40th anniversary last year, the Shubukai, formerly Fujima Ryu of Chicago, made a fresh start for its Japanese traditional dance activities and held the 41st recital on October 15 at the Northside College Preparatory School.
The founder and Grandmaster Shunojo Fujima said in his greetings, “It’s not easy to continue a Japanese traditional art in the U.S., but we are fortunate to practice our dance for the recital while other people are suffering damage from disasters and terrorism.” He also said, “One of my responsibilities is to foster young dancers as a core mission, and I would like to gradually ask two teachers, Ikunojo Fujima and Yoshinojo Fujima to manage the Shubukai, so they can grow more and more.”

The recital started with Yoshinojo Fujima’s “Osen.” After greetings by Artistic Director Tatsu Aoki, Erin Ikeuchi danced “Shiokumi.” With live shamisen music, Akimitsu Abatangelo danced “Kaburagi”, an ozashiki (chamber) dance followed by Shunojo Fujima’s “Genroku.”
Joy Nieda danced “Shiki no Mai,” which was choreographed with a popular song. Akimitsu Abatangelo danced a traditional piece of “Oimatsu,” and Erin Ikeuchi and Yoshinojo Fujima together danced “Hatchobori/yu” with Tsukasa Taiko’s live drumming.

The second part started with Tsukasa Taiko’s drumming performance “Hayama Medley.” Miyumi Aoki Danced “Fuji no Genso,” and Yurino Fujima, who attended the recital from Australia as a special guest, danced “Suisen Tanzen.
Toyoaki Shamisen Ensemble and Toyoaki Sanjuro played ozashiki chamber music “Kakinabe” and shamisen medley. They invited the audience to the atmosphere of Edo era.
The last piece “Sukeroku” was danced by Shunojo Fujima. He usually wears a gorgeous kimono dress, but he danced in a formal men’s kimono costume this year.

After the recital was over, Shunojo Fujima said that he was very pleased to see that young dancers were enjoying dancing on the stage. “I think that we dance for the audience, who has supported our activities. It’s a repayment for their warm support. We never forget them.”

Shunojo Fujima dances "Shukeroku".

Yurino Fujima from Australia dances “Suisen Tanzen".

Toyoaki Shamisen Ensemble and Toyoaki Sanjuro play
ozashiki chamber music “Kakinabe” and shamisen medley.

Miyumi Aoki Dances “Fuji no Genso,”