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Executives urge workers to be prepared for uncertain global outlook

Top executives at Japanese companies urged their employees on
the first business day of the year to be prepared for a change in the
business environment as uncertainty over U.S. President-elect Donald
Trump's policies leaves the global economic outlook unclear.
"Uncertainty remains high this year, especially in terms of
politics," said Fujio Mitarai, chairman and chief executive officer
of Canon Inc.
For many corporate executives, Trump's victory and Britain's
vote to leave the European Union last year came as surprises which
could affect their future business plans.
The president of major railway and hotel operator Seibu Holdings
Inc., Takashi Goto, said that the company will "fall if we don't make
a change," while Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. President Takeshi
Kunibe said that an unexpectedly large-scale structural change is
under way.
Tadashi Ishii, who will step down as president of Dentsu Inc. to
take responsibility for an alleged overwork-related suicide of a
24-year-old employee at the company, told employees to "fix what
needs to be fixed." He added that the company should reflect on its
corporate culture that caused the death of the employee.
Yoshiyuki Murata, president of construction firm Taisei Corp.,
told employees to seriously reflect on how its credibility was
undermined after its construction work caused a huge sinkhole at a
crossing near Hakata Station in the southwestern Japan city of
Fukuoka. (Jan. 4)