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JAL, ANA resume boarding passengers subject to Trump entry ban

Japan's two major air carriers said Saturday they will allow
people from the seven Muslim-majority countries subject to a U.S.
presidential ban on entering the United States to fly there from

The decision by Japan Airlines Co. and All Nippon Airways Co.
follows notification from U.S. immigration authorities allowing the
boarding of passengers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia Sudan, Syria
and Yemen. The notification was issued after a federal judge in
Seattle on Friday issued an injunction temporarily blocking U.S.
President Donald Trump's executive order imposing the travel ban.

Earlier in the week, JAL and ANA decided to bar in principle
passengers from the seven countries boarding flights to the United
States after Trump signed the executive order, citing the need to
protect the country from terrorists.

Qatar Airways also said Saturday that travelers with valid visas
will be permitted to fly to the United States. That Middle East-based
carrier had announced late last month that it would not allow
individuals, even those with valid travel documents except those with
diplomatic visas, to board flights to the United States.

According to Reuters, Air France also said Saturday that it will
resume flying passengers from the seven countries to the United
States. (Feb. 5)