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Abe welcomes Trump's plan to increase U.S. defense spending

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe welcomed Thursday U.S. President
Donald Trump's plan to call for an "unprecedented" boost in defense

"Strengthening the Japan-U.S. alliance through the increase (in
defense spending) will be positive for the peace and prosperity of
not only Japan and the United States but also the Asia-Pacific
region," Abe said.

"Mr. Trump has announced that the United States will have enough
military power to firmly ensure its presence in the Asia-Pacific
region," Abe said in a House of Representatives Budget Committee

In his first address to Congress since taking office on Jan. 20
on Tuesday, Trump vowed to rebuild the U.S. armed forces, saying his
budget blueprint for the next budget year starting in October will
call for an unprecedented level of increase in defense spending.

The president made the pledge a day after the White House
unveiled the first details of Trump's budget plan featuring a $54
billion, or 10 percent, expansion in defense spending from the level
in the current budget year. (March 2)