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Trump says U.S. ready to deal with N. Korea without China

President Donald Trump on Tuesday reiterated the U.S. commitment
to coping with North Korea alone if China refuses to help.

"North Korea is looking for trouble," he said in a Twitter post.
"If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve
the problem without them! U.S.A."

"I explained to the President of China that a trade deal with
the U.S. will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean
problem!" Trump said in an earlier tweet, referring to his meeting
with Chinese President Xi Jinping last week.

Tensions have escalated in Northeast Asia following a series of
ballistic missile launches by North Korea in recent months and
reports suggesting Pyongyang may be preparing another nuclear test.

Pyongyang has been ratcheting up its criticism of Washington as
talk of military action by the United States is gaining traction
following the recent U.S. strike against Syria. (April 11)