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Mazda to make all cars hybrid or EV by 2035

Mazda Motor Corp. plans to make all of its cars partly or fully
battery powered by 2035, company sources said Friday.

Through the shift to hybrid and electric vehicles, the automaker
-- known for its fuel efficient combustion engines -- hopes to retain
sales as key markets such as Europe impose tighter emissions

Mazda currently sells cars running solely on gasoline or diesel
as well as conventional hybrids, but not plug-in hybrids or EVs. It
is aiming to roll out its first EV in the United States in 2019.

Last month, Mazda announced a capital tie-up with Toyota Motor
Corp. to step up development of EVs as well as jointly open a new
production plant in the United States.

Britain and France have both said they are aiming to ban the
sale of gasoline and diesel cars by 2040, putting pressure on
automakers to add battery-powered models to their lineups.

Volvo Car Corp. of Sweden has said all of its cars will be
hybrids or EVs from 2019 onward, and Germany's Volkswagen Group plans
to introduce 80 new battery-powered models by 2025. (Sept. 15)