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U.S. trade deficit with Japan widens 13.5% in Aug.

The U.S. goods trade deficit with Japan widened 13.5 percent in
August from the previous month to $6.55 billion, due partly to
increased automobile imports, the Commerce Department said Thursday.

The deficit with China expanded by 4.0 percent to $34.89
billion, surged 25.5 percent to $6.18 billion with Mexico, but was
flat at $5.55 billion with Germany, the department said.

U.S. President Donald Trump is calling for "fair" trade and has
pledged to reduce the U.S. trade deficits with major trading partners
like China, Japan, Mexico and Germany.

Globally, the U.S. deficit in trade of both goods and services
shrank 2.7 percent to $42.40 billion, the first decline in two months.

Exports rose 0.4 percent to $195.32 billion, while imports fell
0.1 percent to $237.72 billion.

The average import price per barrel of crude oil was $44.11 in
August, up from $43.20 in July.

The global trade figures are measured on a balance-of-payments
basis after seasonal adjustment, and the country-by-country and
regional breakdowns are based on unadjusted customs-cleared data.
(Oct. 5)