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Founded on November 15, 1945, the Chicago Shimpo is the only English/Japanese bilingual newspaper in Chicagoland and the Midwest providing Local news including local Government News, Cultural Events, Business News, Community
Activities, Help Wanted, and World News as well.

The Chicago Shimpo is also a good news resource for American people who are interested in Japanese culture.

The Chicago Shimpo has established strong ties with Japanese Community as a reliable news provider since 1945.

In fact, 50% of the readers have subscribed to the Chicago Shimpo for twenty to forty years. It's circulation, 5,000, is seemingly small, however; it well covers Japanese and Japanese American Families.
Mission Objectives:

* The Chicago Shimpo has devoted itself to keep local activities as history records in the public, such as
libraries and universities.

* The Chicago Shimpo has taken a role to deepen the mutual understanding between the U.S. and
Japan as one of bridges between the two countries.

Publisher: Yoshiko Urayama