Japanese Cuisine at Chicago Gourmet
Kabeshita Library Opens

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Chicago Shimpo's
70th Anniversary

The Photos of the Celebration
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JCCC Business Forum
Hoshuko Sports Day
Kimono Dressing Live

Pet Care A to Z
Day School's 40th Anniversary
Students Inspired by Kakehashi

Energetic! Kimono Show
S. Little Leaguers in Crystal Lake
JET Participants Leave for Japan

Articles in 2017, 2018

■Ginkenshibu in Chicago

■2018 Ginza Holiday

■Anderson Gardens Summer Festival

■Suit Maker Keizo Murase

■2018 Nikkei Picnic

■N. Korea & Trade: U.S.-Japan Relations in Trump Era by Mitoji Yabunaka

■2018 G-FEST Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Stars in Godzilla Movies

■JCCC/Komatsu Judp Cup

■Special Olympics Soccer Unified Cup in Chicago

■Maestro Muti Receives Praemium Imperiale Award

■Chicago-Osaka 45th Anniversary Kicks Off

■Kikkoman Foods and Local Community Celebrate the 45th Anniversary

■2018 Japan Festival Makes Large Success

2018 JCCC Walk & Run

■2018 Anime Central Brings New Friends

■Sake Tasting with Vice Minister Sonoura

■Japanese Americans March in Chicago

■2018 Midwest Sword Show

■Takuma Sato Interview

■Memorial Day in Montrose

■AJG Starts New Season

■2018 U.S. Shogi Championship in Chicago

■50 years of History in Official Residence of CG

■Unforgettable Musical South Pacific in Oakbrook

■Umacamon Sends Relief Money to Kumamoto

■Tohoku Update: Real Life in Tohoku

■Kimono and Lolita Group Exchange Their Passion

■Students Show off Knowledge about Japan
at 4th Illinois Japan Bowl

■Film  Colors of Wind Captures Magic of Love

■Unknown Stories of Ishiro Honda

■2018 Day of Remembrance

■Kizuna 7: Women in Tohoku

■Japanese Speech Contest

■Update on the Automotive Industry in the North America

■2nd Annual Heritage Japanese Language Speech

■Seminar: Protectionism and Japanese Economy

■Symposium: The Future of Asia-Pacific Economic Integration

■JCCC Celebrates New Year

■2018 JETAA Chicago Shinnenkai

■CSO President Jeff Alexander & Japan

■Exhibit Wajin by 4 Artists

■Forecast:Digital Innovation, Electric Vehicle
and the Auto Industry

■CJC & NCJAA Promotes Japanese Culture

■Taiko Legacy 14

■Jean Mishima Honored0by the Order of the Rising Sun,
Gold and Silver Rays

■Japanese/Italian Cuisine by Chef Akama and Ottaviano

■Tuna Cutting and Talk Show at CJC Gathering

■Interview: Living National Treasure Noboru Fujinuma

■Photo Exhibit Road of Light and Hope, National Treasures in Todaiji Temple

■Jazz Pianist Senri Senri Visits HS in Oak Park

■3-D Hologram Tells Scars of Holocaust

■Ikenobo Illinois Prairie Marks 20th Anniversary

■Chicago Marathon from Japan

■Chicago Marathon from Japan

■Shubukai Recital

■Japanese Cuisine Joins Chicago Gourmet

■Discussion on Japanese Food and Drink

■Tommy Shimoda Gets Gold Medal

■Iguchi Returns to White Sox

■Tomodachi, Tagajo & lane Tech

■Let's Join Haiku Contest

■Anderson Gardens Summer Festival

■Namerikawa, Schaumburg, Sister Cities

■2017 Ginza Holiday

■Director Higuchi and Shin Godzilla

■137 JETs Depart for Japan

■Japan s Foreign Policy Options in the Trump Era by Professor Nakayama

■Interview with Deputy CG Kenji Tanaka

■Natsumatsuri at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago

■Jazz Pianist Senri Oe in Chicago

■Exhibit "Then You Came For Me"

■Chemistry in the mirror world

■2017 Japan Festival

■Okabe Celebrate Grand Breaking

■Asia Economic Intergration

■A Guide to Hidden Treasures by JET Alumni

■Japanese Government Strives to Make Sake Fans

■Interview: Director Yaguchi of "Survival Family"

■New Season in Anderson Gardens

■People in Japanese Samurai Sword Show

■Japanese Language Speech Contest

■Consul General Naoki Ito

■Trump & US-Japan Relations

■Kizuna 6 & Takuma Sato

■Experience Sake from Japan

■Kizuna 6 & Takuma Sato

■The Impact of Visiting Japan

■Experience Sake from Japan

■What is Catalyst?

■ Burning Ice: Methane Hydrate By Kazuki Imasato

■What is Japanese Craftsmanship? Panel Discussion  On Design and Monozukuri

■Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkan Celebrates New Year with Traditional Performances

■The Japanese Mutual Aid Society of Chicago Introduces New Programs

■Panelists Discuss Future of Asian Security Landscape

■Kizuna: Tohoku Update, 6 years from Great Earthquake

■Day of Remembrance Event Calls for Open Discussion on Internment Experience


Articles in the Past Years

Anderson Gardens Summer Festival

Students Learn from Ark Technologies

Analysis: Energy Industry

JETs Leave for Japan

Analysis: Energy Industry

Ultraman Forever!

G-FEST with Takarada

By Far The Best Product


Nishioka Wins Nielsen

Gov. Rauner, Amb. Schieffer and Japan

JASChicago Meeting

2016 Japan Festival

Sunstar Opens New Facility

Eir Aoi Interview

2016 Anime Central

The World: Fantasy Novel, Interview with Takahiro Baba & Shinji Orito

Anderson Gardens, Season Opening

2016 Midwest Sword Show

Earthquake and Tsunami by Dr. Toshiro Tanimoto

"I am a Monk" Director Makabe Interview

Meifu Shinkage Ryu: Shuriken

Secret of Aluminum

Okinawa Kenjinkai 50th Anniversary

Living Culture

A Presentation: Chicago-Osaka Social Services Exchange

AnimeChicago Symposium

Japanese Speech Contest

Japan Night at Dooley

Future Transportation

Kizuna 5

Building New Tohoku

Emergency Partnership

Cultural Event in Naperville

Anime Precursors

2016 Day of Remembrance

JETAA Shinnenkai

Tatezome by Urasenke

Sono's Journey Premiered

God Bless Baseball

Sono's Journey by Thodos Dance

A Lecture on the Noh Play

2015 Autumn Concert with Harpsichord and Violin

Charity Concert for Tohoku Youth Orchestra

Tsuboi Tries to Save Fukushima Children

Japanese Culture Center Exhibition

Charity Concert for Tohoku Youth Orchestra

Symposium  U.S.-Japan Relations"

Tensuke Bluefin Tuna Cutting Show

Ambassador Sakaba Speaks about Today s Japan

Takisawa Opens Technical Center

Transformation of East Asia and Japan

Yoko Ono to Bring SKY LANDING to Phoenix Garden in Chicago

Anime Central 2015

2015 Japanese Sword Show

Why Sword have a Curvature?

Memorial Day at Montrose

World Dance Festival

Powerful New Sounds

2015 Sake and Food Tasting

Japan's New Roles

Hofbrauhaus Chicago

2015 JA Delegation

Tatsu Aoki is 2015 Jazz Hero

Aizumi Speaks about Her Transgender son

Okinawa Kenjinkai Shinnenkai

Japanese Speech Contest

Interview: Consul General Toshiyuki Iwado

Mutual Society of Chicago

Japanese Culture Night at Dooley

Day of Remembrance Women Warriors

Jeb Bush Speaks in Chicago

Photo Exhibit Kizuna 4

Endoscopic Surgical Education

Positive: Genetic Recombination

2015 Milwaukee Anime Grows Year by Year

Delicious Movies: Tonkatsu, Curry, Ramen

Delicious Movies: Tonkatsu, Curry, Ramen

Curious: The Fifth Seminar by Young Researchers

JET Alumni Enjoy Reunion

Taiko Legacy 11 by Tsukasa Taiko

Kakehashi: Okinawa Students in Chicago

Bluefin Tuna Cutting Show at Tensuke Market

Damine Kabuki in the Midwest

Protectorate God Shi-Sa Arrives at Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai

Holiday Delight

Hoichi Kurisu Speaks at NAJGA

Nisei Post 1183: 2014-2015 Installation of Officers

Fujima Ryu of Chicago: The 38th Recital

Interview: Kazuo Shimizu of Kikkoman Foods

Moon concert

Konko Church of Chicago, the 5th Anniversary

Rakugo Story in 7 languages: Sanyutei Ryuraku

Yoko Noge Awarded for Kizuna Exhibits

Children Learn by Themselves When Environment is Set

Japanese Language Group of NSBC Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

Ark and Altak Bridge US-Japan Business

Music Teacher Nasu Honored by PM Abe

Miki Kikuta: Bilingual Skating Coach

CJMC Makes a Church Dedication Ceremony

Japanese Summer Festival in Anderson Gardens

The Field Day of Futabakai Saturday School

Washi Exhibit  American Made in Japan

A Get Together at a Picnic

Ginza Holiday: Good Old Days of Japan

116 JET Participants Leave for Japan

Nippon Sharyo Meets  100% Buy America Requirement

Food, Taiko Drumming, Bon Dancing at Mitsuwa Festival

Jerry Rich Brings Major GolfTournamen

Natsu Maturi at Buddhist Temple of Chicago

A Memory of Calvin Manshio

Legacy Garden in MBT

Walk in Chicago: Ambassador Shimanouchi

Explore Future Kaiju in Japa

G-Fest in Rosemont

Sake, Washoku, and Tea: Tasting Event from Japan

Japan Festival

Anime Central 2014

When a Peace Tree Blooms by Hideko Tamura

Emergence of Japan and the U.S. on the World Stage: The Columbian Expo

Glove Designer Shigeaki Aso

Memorial Day at Montrose Cemetery

Violinist Anne Akiko Meyers at CSO

Raising Global Students Through Japanese Language

Japanese Samurai Sword Show

Charity Duo Recital by Kanae Tsuruga and Kumiko Nowlan

Curious: Presentations by Young Researchers

Anderson Gardens

Governor James R. Thompson to receive
The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star

Students' Networking

The 28th Speech Contest

Kakehashi Project

Photo Exhibit Unbroken Circle

Overcoming the Earthquake

Mutual Aid Society Annual Meeting