Japan, U.S. vow to boost alliance to
deter N. Korea

August 18, 2017

New U.S. envoy Hagerty says alliance with Japan is "ironclad"

-News from Japan-

■Japan, U.S. vow to boost alliance to deter N. Korea

■Japan to provide $500 mil. for Indo-Pacific maritime security

■Aso plans to meet Pence in Sept. over Japan-U.S. economic issues

■New U.S. envoy Hagerty says alliance with Japan is "ironclad"

■New U.S. envoy says commitment to Japan's security "ironclad"

■U.S. WWII veteran returns Japanese flag to owner's family

■Abe, Trump vow to work to stop N. Korea missile launch at Guam

■Japan marks 72nd anniversary of its surrender in WWII

■70% of major firms expect economic expansion this year: survey

■Hiroshima marks 72nd A-bomb anniversary with eyes on ban treaty

■A-bomb victim's paper crane donated to WWII air base in Utah

■Toyota, Mazda to form capital tie-up for EVs, to open new U.S. plant

■LDP's new policy chief Kishida candidate to succeed Abe

■New defense chief vows to restore public trust after scandal

■Abe Cabinet's support rate rises to 44.4% after reshuffle: poll

■Abe reshuffles Cabinet to boost support, picks Kono as top envoy

■Japan to discuss emergency tariffs on U.S. beef at bilateral dialogue

■Rangers' Darvish dealt to Dodgers, Astros' Aoki to Blue Jays

■Abe, Trump agree to take new action after 2nd N. Korean ICBM

■Small portion of U.S. air base in Okinawa returned

■Japanese fighters, U.S. bombers conduct drill off Korean Peninsula

■Abe stresses 3-way cooperation after N. Korea missile launch

■N. Korea says 2nd ICBM tested, U.S. now within strike range

■New U.S. envoy eager to visit Okinawa to learn about base issues

■U.S. warns Japan's planned tariff hike on U.S. beef would harm ties

■Japan's defense chief Inada resigns over data coverup claims

■Gov't to survey foreign tourists' payments for medical expenses

■Abe Cabinet's support rate falls to 35.8%, lowest for current admin

■Heavy rain hits Aichi, Gifu prefectures, evacuation ordered

■Trump prods Abe to address U.S.-Japan trade imbalance

■Abe, Xi vow to promote leaders' talks for firmer Japan-China ties

■Japan, U.S., S. Korea vow to apply "maximum pressure" on N. Korea

■FOCUS: S. Korea won't let comfort women issue threaten security cooperation

■Death toll rises to 15 as rescue continues in flooded areas of Kyushu

■Rescue efforts continue as heavy rain kills 6 in southwestern Japan

■Japan, U.S., S. Korea eye increased pressure on N. Korea

■Japan, EU seal free trade deal to promote open economy

■Heavy rain hitsKyushu, 7 reported missing as rivers overflow

■N. Korea claims 1st successful test of intercontinental missile

■Japan analyzing N. Korea ICBM launch claim

■Humbled by LDP's rout in Tokyo race, Abe vows to win back trust

■FOCUS: Koike's victory in Tokyo assembly race may shake Abe's power

■Abe, Trump agree to lead pressure on N. Korea at G-20

■Japan's young shogi star sees record win streak snapped

■Defense minister apologizes for referencing SDF in campaigning

■Statue symbolizing comfort women erected in southern U.S.

■Focus: Shogi savior Fujii brings about unprecedented boom

■Toshiba sues Western Digital for blocking chip unit sale

■Defense minister suggests SDF support candidate in Tokyo election

■Opposition demands defense minister quit over SDF remark in stumping

■Air bag maker Takata files for bankruptcy, to sell ops to U.S. rival

■Takata bankruptcy raises concern among suppliers, employees

■FOCUS: Takata's future costs still unclear even after bankruptcy

■Japan's youngest shogi prodigy sets new record with 29th straight win

■Kabuki star meets press after TV personality wife dies at 34

■7 missing as U.S. Navy ship collides with container ship off Japan

■Japan, EU to narrow auto, farm area gaps, eye free trade deal in July

■"Conspiracy" law enacted to punish planning of crimes

■"Conspiracy bill" to be thrust into law through rare Diet tactic

■Crown prince ready to become symbol of state after ascending throne

■Japan high schools hosted record number of overseas students in 2015

■Ivanka Trump fashion brand halted talks on deal with Japan firm

■Nifco to sell Japan Times to PR firm News2u Holdings

■Giant panda cub born in Tokyo zoo for 1st time since 2012

■Japan enacts law to allow 1st abdication of emperor in 200 years

■Rocks containing rare metals found off eastern Japan

■Abe offers conditional cooperation with China's Silk Road initiative

■Japan business leaders question U.S. withdrawal from Paris accord

■Gov't urged by environmentalists to seek U.S. return to Paris deal

■Japan voices regret over U.S. exit from Paris climate accord

■Whistleblower Snowden warns of looming mass surveillance in Japan

■Reporter fired for racist tweet on Sato's Indy 500 win

■Motor racing: Sato becomes 1st Japanese to win Indy 500

■Abe, Trump agree N. Korea warrants pressure, not dialogue

■Trump mulls 1st visit to Japan in Nov.: key transition team member

■Abe's pursuit of 11-party TPP likely to benefit Japan

■Abe, Moon affirm coordination on N. Korea, at odds over wartime issue

■Toyota to use Nvidia's AI technology for self-driving cars

■X Japan's Yoshiki to undergo emergency neck surgery in U.S.

■Japan's economic expansion marks 3rd-longest postwar streak: gov't

■Japan gov't debt swells to record 1,071 tril. yen as of March 31

■Toyota expects operating profit to drop for 2nd consecutive year

■MSDF escorts U.S. Navy ship for 1st time under new security laws

■N. Korea fires ballistic missile tests, vows defiance

■Japan, Russia to send joint experts' group to disputed isles

■Japan-U.S. consortium to bid for Toshiba chip unit

■U.S. carrier close enough to N. Korea for military action: admiral

■Japan, China diplomats affirm "resolute" response to N. Korea

■FOCUS: Trump comes to value alliance with Japan in 1st 100 days

■Japan, U.S. hold missile defense drill in Sea of Japan

■Japan names deputy foreign minister as TPP chief negotiator

■Getting the most out of life, Paralympian fulfills Japanese dream

■Abe, Trump agree to keep calling for self-restraint by N. Korea

■Minutes of VPOUS visit to Japan

■N. Korea may be able to attack with sarin-tipped missiles: Abe

■Dollar hits 5-month low in upper 108 yen on Trump's warnings

■Trump vowed to consult Abe before any attack on N. Korea: sources

■Trump says U.S. ready to deal with N. Korea without China

■U.S. told Japan before Trump-Xi talks of option to strike N. Korea

■CG Toshiyuki Iwado Named as Ambassador to Zimbabwe

■Japan, U.S. to urge China "to play bigger role" in halting N. Korea

■Abe signals support for U.S. missile strike in Syria

■Trump tells Abe all options on table to handle N. Korea

■Pence to visit Japan, other nations on April 15-25 trip

■Fast Retailing dismisses U.S. production for Uniqlo

■Japan further scales down evacuation zones around Fukushima plant

■About 40% of foreigners seeking housing in Japan turned away: survey

■Japan, Australia slammed for no show at nuke ban talks

■Toshiba's nuclear unit files for bankruptcy, 1 tril. yen loss eyed

■Nuke ban treaty talks begin, Japan not taking part

■Nuke ban treaty talks unrealistic without nuke "haves": minister

■U.S. top court dismisses appeal over "comfort women" statue in Calif.

■Congressional group vows to boost ties with Japan despite TPP exit

■7 high school boys, 1 teacher die in avalanche in climbing lesson

■Japan's Diet enacts record 97.45 tril. yen budget for FY 2017

■Gov't proposes reusing Fukushima's decontaminated soil on green land

■Abe's popularity intact, handling of land scandal questioned: poll

■Japan to set priority on missile defense in security talks with U.S.

■Vice President Pence's visit to Japan may be set for mid-April

■Abe welcomes Trump's plan to increase U.S. defense spending

■Kubota to beef up N. America ops to meet 2 tril. yen sales target

■January output falls for Toyota, but up for Nissan, Honda

■Fresh round of Asia trade talks begins, 1st since U.S. leaves TPP

■Abe calls making preschoolers cheer him at sports meet improper

■Japan, S. Korea at odds over "comfort women" statues

■Robot survey of severely damaged Fukushima reactor ends in failure

■Japan on alert after killing of North Korean leader's brother

�%U.S. urged Japan to refer to bilateral FTA in joint statement

■Japan PM not ruling out bilateral free trade pact with U.S.

■Japan, U.S. eye Pence visit in April for economic talks

■70% satisfied with Abe-Trump talks: Kyodo poll

■Abe returns home after summit with Trump

■Trump backs Japan's Russia policy to move isles issue forward: Abe

■Trump says U.S. will deal "very strongly" with N. Korea

■Pianist Mitsuko Uchida wins Grammy as accompanist

■Abe, Trump stand together after N. Korea missile launch

■Abe, Trump agree to discuss 2-way trade framework after U.S. TPP exit

■Japan-U.S. dialogue to cover trade, possibly bilateral FTA

■Aso, Pence vow to deepen Japan-U.S. economic ties

■Japan, U.S. at odds over TPP, but in sync on Okinawa

■Tillerson confirms U.S. pledge to defend Japan-controlled Senkakus

■Japan, U.S. defense chiefs meet for talks to beef up alliance

■JAL, ANA resume boarding passengers subject to Trump entry ban

■Japan PM, Toyota chief agree to work together to boost U.S. jobs

■Abe denies plan to use public pension fund for U.S. infrastructure

�%TEPCO to probe Fukushima reactor again to confirm nuclear debris

■U.S. reaffirms defense commitment to S. Korea, warns N. Korea

■Japan eyes use of public pension fund to invest in U.S. infrastructure

■Japan, U.S. assembling ministerial dialogue team: source

■Toyota president shows hope for good Japan-U.S. tie ahead of summit

■Radiation level at Fukushima reactor highest since 2011 disaster

■Japan denies currency manipulation, rebuts Trump's forex comments

■Japanese companies concerned by Trump currency manipulation comments

■BOJ stands pat amid Trump uncertainties, raises growth outlook

■Korematsu's fight evoked amid Trump immigration ban fallout

■Abe to urge Trump to maintain U.S. presence in Asia-Pacific region

■U.S. notifies departure from TPP to 11 other members

■Mattis not to ask Japan, S. Korea for heavier U.S. deployment costs

■Honda, GM to launch joint venture to produce fuel-cell car systems

■Abe vows to clear up Trump's "misunderstandings" on auto trade

■PM Abe, Toyota president plan to meet Fri. ahead of Trump summit

■84% of Japanese concerned about Trump administration: Kyodo survey

■JAL, ANA to bar nationals of 7 Muslim states from U.S.-bound flights

■FOCUS: Fears growing Trump's tweets may target BOJ's drastic easing

■U.S., S. Korea agree to strengthen defense against N. Korean threat

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